Port Credit Mississauga- Life Like Nowhere Else
Port Credit, Mississauga's oldest neighbourhood, has always been an integral part of the big city operating as a highly functional and self-sustainable area, secluded and quaint with its own high-profile amenities, gorgeous properties, and of course, the lakeshore.  Port Credit living is closely associated with a convenience-based healthy lifestyle especially great for families with lots of fantastic homes and fresh air. Here are some of the perks of the Port Credit community.

The famous Port Credit Waterfront Trail
The Waterfront Trail runs through 22 parks along Lake Ontario up to the Quebec border, and 19 km of it runs through Mississauga including Port Credit. The Lakefront Promenade Park is part of it, and it's one of the favourite destinations on the trail for bikers, hikers and dog owners. Lakefront Promenade Park is an all-seasons hotspot, offering idyllic views and unforgettable walks in the winter and lots of summer fun during the hot days. With restaurants, pet stores and available parking in the vicinity, it is super convenient and easily accessible for visitors and residents. The latest development is St. Lawrence Park which features historical artefacts from the waterfront's industrial era.

The Port Credit Harbour- biggest marina in the area
Port Credit Harbour is one of the most prominent places in Mississauga. The beautiful pier is right next to the water, and there are several lookout spots perfect for admiring the fantastic view. The Snug Harbour restaurant with its patio fits the setting perfectly and attracts lots of guests with good reason.

The Port Credit Lighthouse as the ultimate Port Credit trademark
The Lighthouse is an iconic and the most recognizable symbol of Port Credit. It is the most photographed building in Mississauga. With an interesting past, it attracts many tourists and visitors, especially because it is still functional. The Lighthouse is a replica of the original one from the 19th century, and it was rebuilt in 1991. The original Lighthouse was first discontinued in 1918 and later destroyed in a fire in 1936.  Today, the replica stands as a reminder of the area's past with many important and interesting stories behind it.

The Downtown area is the heart of Port Credit
Many stores, shops, businesses, perky cafes and exclusive restaurants make sure Downtown Port Credit stays vibrant day and night. And the best part is that the historic area and buildings still carry the quaint spirit of the past. Neighbouring residents from Mineola and Lorne Park also come often to Port Credit for shopping, running errands and entertainment due to the ample amenities Port Credit offers. 

Port Credit is probably the most famous neighborhood in Mississauga given its historic significance, great infrastructure, lovely nature and fabulous homes.

If you are looking for a lovely charming area in and around Mississauga that offers equally amazing housing options, make sure to contact me. Let’s explore Port Credit together.