Discover Port Credit's Brightwater Condos 
The long-talked-about master-planned community is coming to Port Credit in its full shine already in 2021. The Brightwater Condos Project is one of those highly sophisticated urban solutions that cater not only to current but also future needs of residents.

It is one of the biggest waterfront developments in Ontario and Canada, and its developers describe it as a place to live, work and play.

Developed by the experienced Kilmer Grou, Diamondcorp, Dream and Fram+Slokker, Brightwater Condos Project is an ambitious endeavour where every single detail was thought through, from design and layout to amenities and tweaks that improve healthy and happy living.

Inspired By Nature and Modern Community Life
Being right at the waterfront, it will include many engaging water activities for adults and children. The water and scenic views coupled with the most convenient amenities in the most convenient way will reshape the modern lifestyle. In Port Credit fashion, the builders were inspired by water, nature and community life in its highest form.  

With a strong sense for community living, the development will feature many gather-around spots, hiking and cycling trails, dining places, swimming pools, parks, a community center, a school, etc. Plus, all the best places in Port Credit will still be right at hand.

Brightwater Promotes Eco Living
Promoting healthier and eco-living, the community will be built to encourage walking, cycling and jogging with plenty of trails and lanes stretching in-between green spaces, and residents will be able to grow their own food with demonstration gardens. On top of all that, rooftop gardens will underline the green nature-rich lifestyle.  

The Brightwater Condos Project, also known as Port Credit West Village, is fully committed to improving living on multiple levels striving toward exquisite conveniences, accessibility, healthy habits, cleaner air, less urban noise, fewer cars, less pollution and a positive environment.

  • A wide choice (including certain budget-friendly options)
  • Marvelous architectural designs featuring townhomes, mid and high-rise condo towers with a maximum height of 29 storeys.               
  • 500 townhomes and almost 2,500 condos           
  • 200.000 square ft of office and retail space                                                 
  •  Private patios and gorgeous window views
  • Access to walking and hiking trails, the lake, parks, recreation centers, rooftop gardens, swimming pools, demonstration gardens
  • Retail stores, shopping and restaurants
  • Port Credit Go Station in walking distance            
  • Port Credit Downtown around the corner
For price lists and floor plans, register here and for more information on the Port Credit project and available Brightwater properties, call me at  416-833-5516 or contact me here.