The Holiday Season In Port Credit


One of the best times of the year has arrived in the streets of Port Credit. It takes only one look at the beautifully decorated houses and yards or a walk through the community to notice that the holiday season is in full swing.  Port Credit residents are caught up in the holiday spirit and they can be seen shopping for presents for their loved ones, decorating their homes or baking holiday cookies. What else the Port Credit community is up to to make the days around Christmas and the holidays feel very special can be found below.

Christmas At The Port Credit Light House
The most valuable historic monument and iconic symbol of the Port Credit community, the Light House at Lakeshore Road, becomes the centerpiece of attention during the holidays as well. The traditional Port Credit Light House gathering in early December is one of the earliest events that announce the holiday season is coming. Every year, people come together and pursue activities such as charity work, taking photos with Santa, carving demons and mural paintings while they enjoy the scenic views of the beautiful ice sculptures, Christmas decorations and lights.  It is a great start into the holiday season for many Port Credit families and residents.

'Twas the Bite Before Christmas
The holidays are the perfect occasion to give back to society, and Port Credit residents, already known as a caring and close-knit community, show year in and year out, how much they are committed to the cause by organizing numerous charities. One that especially stands out is 'Twas the Bite Before Christmas. Created 9 years ago through the effort of several compassionate Port Credit residents, this Christmas charity makes sure the less fortunate ones also get to feel the holiday spirit. The event takes place around mid-December every year resulting in dozens of food donations and thousands of dollars raised for the ones who need it the most.

Photos With Santa In Port Credit
One of the biggest highlights for kids around the world is to see and meet Santa, and eternalizing the moment with a photo will capture the valuable experience for a lifetime. Free photos with Santa are available every year in Port Credit for the little ones; and pets are allowed, too. The joy on the children's faces is truly the best Christmas gift you can ever get. Nothing says Christmas like Santa!

Caroling in The Park
It is hard to imagine the holiday season without Christmas carols, but luckily, we don’t have to. Caroling is a well-preserved tradition worldwide, but in Port Credit, it is more of an attraction rather than just a plain tradition.  Each year, carol singers, accompanied by the Salvation Army Band, come together at the Memorial Park to spark and spread the good holiday mood and entertain the masses. Everybody is welcome to join the crowd around the bonfire eating cookies and sipping cranberry punch while enjoying the magical atmosphere.
Besides offering a great time and plenty of opportunities to bond with family, friends and the community, all Port Credit holiday events and activities encourage non-perishable food donations and money contributions to help people in need. There is certainly a special presence during this magical time of the year that makes us feel special, fulfilled and more helpful than usual.

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