After the gloomy weather, it is finally time for spending more time outside, enjoying the sunshine, the mild temperatures and lighter layers. One of the favorite seasons has arrived, and in Port Credit, the spring energy boost is strongly felt. Everyone seems to be in a good mood and people can be seen riding down the Waterfront Trail on their bikes or rollerblades enjoying the fresh air, the sun, and of course, the scenic water view. Children can finally start going to playgrounds and parks as well, and enjoy their own quality time. Port Credit is one of the outdoorsy places where one can spend their day in the open and genuinely feel the good weather vibe. The lake, the walks at the beach, prominent festivals and the beautiful scenery with blooming trees and flowers is what Port Credit spring is about. Here is what Port Credit residents are usually up to when they spot the first sunrays after the long winter days.

The Easter Egg Hunt Is Usually The First Sign of Spring
One of the most anticipated holidays after Christmas is certainly Easter, and in that honor, Port Credit organizes a special annual event - the famous Port Credit Easter Egg Hunt. Every year, including this one, it is one of the Port Credit highlights, especially for the little ones. Food trucks, castles and craft tables are set up to welcome the participants. The family fun day attracts a fair share of families and children who have the honor to meet the Easter Bunny and take a photo with him as well as to look for the golden and painted eggs scattered across East Village Port Credit stores. Special prizes are part of the game for everyone who comes back with an egg (painted or golden). The Easter Egg Hunt shows how much Port Credit residents cherish old traditions and how they make a good time out of it.

Port Credit picnics are the best as the community offers numerous nature-friendly places perfect for throwing a barbecue. Many are getting their picnic baskets ready to head to the J.C. Saddington Park or Memorial Park and spend a great day with family and friends as soon as the weather allows.

The Spring Boat Show
The Spring Boat show, at the beginning of June, is another highlight that gets residents out of the house to admire watercraft in the heart of the Port Credit Village Marina. Even though this year the show had to be delayed, many boat enthusiasts and visitors are looking forward to it and hope the organizers will provide them with an update very soon. Boat shows in Port Credit are very sophisticated bringing excitement to the community as people don’t get to see luxury yachts or elegantly crafted boats every day.
The Waterfront Festival
Another hot spring event in June that makes Port Credit the go-to place is the Waterfront Festival that will be held in mid-June this year. Residents and tourists already cannot wait for the 3-day fun for kids and adults. To find out more about this and other events click here.
Every season has its own rhythm, but there is something about spring that evokes a lot of joy and positive energy in people, especially in a place like Port Credit where you can really see and feel the transition season and enjoy it to the fullest. Homebuyers also prefer the season for house hunting, and if you are one of them, make sure to reach out to us here.