The Children’s Breakfast Club                                   
The Corrie Harding Team believes that every child should start their day with a nutritious breakfast in a welcoming, stable environment. But for thousands of children in the GTA, it’s a luxury. We are thrilled to support The Children’s Breakfast Club and appreciated all that they do.

When a child goes to school, there are basic requirements.  Most of them, we take for granted – an alert mind, a stomach that doesn’t growl all day, a decent meal to start the day, for instance, so the mind is conditioned and the stomach isn’t growling. 
 The Children’s Breakfast Club aims to make certain that every child in the city gets a healthy start to the day.  Nutritious, appetizing breakfasts are served every morning to thousands of kids across the GTA.
Because at the very heart of the Breakfast Club, there is an understanding that children need intellectual stimulation from a variety of sources including homework help, arts and crafts, and educational games.  These are all an integral part of every Club.
Teachers and other educators have reported fewer problems in school, improved social relationships, reduced attention deficits, academic improvement, and regular, punctual attendance.  Parents of kids in the program appreciate the positive start to the day, the understanding of nutrition and increased community participation.
“A portion of proceeds from our sales help support The Children’s Breakfast Club”