Relocating To Port Credit

By: Corrie Harding Keizs

Relocating To Port Credit

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Relocating can be a very stressful thing to experience, especially for young families when moving to an unknown neighborhood as there is a number of things to consider. Most families want a beautiful but functional home, a location with easy access to public transit, good schools and plenty of indoor and outdoor space.  Since Port Credit ranks high in checking all these boxes, the community has become a natural choice for many people. Port Credit has become known as a mover upper community particularly convenient for starting a family or settling down in a quieter area but still having all the necessary amenities at hand. Port Credit continues to amaze visitors and attract new residents not only because of its incredibly beautiful lakefront but also because of the particular lifestyle it offers.  If you have decided to start a new life chapter here, here is what you can expect. 

Homes And Inventory
With all kinds of inventory from detached to low and high rise, old and new, the Port Credit real estate market can easily take it up with the big cities. There is something for everyone, but the home prices tend to be somewhat higher than in other non-downtown neighborhoods. For example, the average home price is currently around $1.1, but on the bright side, you will find a home for life in an exceptional neighborhood. Another thing to consider is the appreciation rate and how much your home will increase in value over the years.

Educational Opportunities
One of the biggest dilemmas when moving with kids is where to find the best schools. Living near a great school district is crucial for parents given that the neighborhood they live in confines them to a certain school district. Luckily, Port Credit has some of the best-ranked schools (rated by the Fraser Institute) in Ontario and you can choose between 7 elementary schools and 2 high schools, plus two private schools.  All of them offer great curricula and extracurricular activities that will help your children develop their skills and prepare them for the future.

Amenities And Events
The nature, rich in forests, green spaces and water coupled with top-notch amenities that cover a wide spectrum of daily needs is why Port Credit is a highly coveted address. It is certainly for people who love the outdoors but also equally enjoy all modern-day conveniences.  Families love it because it offers endless possibilities to spend quality time either on your own or with your loved ones. Residents appreciate that activities such as hiking, canoeing, kayaking, cycling, etc. are available at their doorstep without any special organization and planning. On the other hand, Port Credit is known for high-end restaurants, artsy cafes and a number of shopping stores and nearby malls.

One of the best things in Port Credit are the people; they are friendly, active and love to have a good time in their small-town- like neighborhood, which is probably the reason why Port Credit is also known for a number of great festivals and events that are organized throughout the year. One thing is for sure, it rarely gets boring in Port Credit with so many possibilities.

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