How to Be Smart about Small Kitchen Space!

By: Corrie Harding Keizs

How to Be Smart about Small Kitchen Space!

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How to Be Smart about Small Kitchen Space


If you like cooking, then having a big kitchen is very high on your priority list when looking for a home. However, with the living spaces getting smaller and smaller, the kitchen is usually the first place to suffer the cuts. Still, that doesn’t mean that you can’t make amazing dishes even if the kitchen is small. You just need to think big in a small space, and here’s a few tricks for organizing it:

Use every corner

Every kitchen has some dead spaces. Whether that’s the corner cabinet where you can’t exactly reach the back or a tiny strip of space in between your fridge and the wall, and there are ways to use that space up productively. For starters, if you have any areas that are difficult to access, like corner cabinets, put a lazy Susan on the bottom and layer the things you use on top of it. This way you can just spin the board and have everything at your reach. For the thin spaces between elements, consider installing a tall, thin pull-out shelf. Fill it up with small bottles like spices that can fit in the space and be kept at room temperature. You’ve used up that space and you’ve cleared out some other space that could be used for something else.


Go against gravity


There is always some extra space, if only you remember to look at things upside-down. This can be applied in many ways. For starters, empty out the pots and pans drawer and put them all up on the wall. You can either hang hooks from the wall, or place a large peg-board on the wall and arrange them on it. If you have the space, you can also install an overhead hanging compartment and hang them from there. For smaller things like spice jars, you can utilize magnets. Simply attach a strip of metal on the underside of a shelf and glue strong magnets on the lids of spice jars. Then arrange them on the metal strip and enjoy the extra space.

Invest in multi-purpose

You don’t have to have a separate machine for everything you do in the kitchen. Look for things that have multiple functions at once: pots that have a steam basket inside them, mandolins that can cut in different thicknesses and baking dishes that can double as mixing bowls. If you are a baker, then a KitchenAid mixer is a must, because it has so many functions and attachments that it will make your life a lot easier. Also, think multi-purpose with appliances: a fridge with a freezer, an oven that also has a microwave setting and a sink that has multiple compartments.

Utilize doors

Too many of us think of doors as simply barriers between in and out, but they can be so much more. For the actual room door, hang a clean shoe organizer on the door and arrange some of your cooking utensils there. But, you can get a lot more creative with cabinet doors. For starters, you can place stick-on hooks upside down to the inside of the doors and rest pot lids on the hooks. Or, you can put the hooks right side up and hand wire racks on them for added storage. This is especially good for filling out any space at the top of cabinets that is usually left empty.

Make sure you are arranging your kitchen in a way that everything is within reach and you know where everything is. In a small space, there’s no such thing as a “creative mess” and you can’t have a mess in a place where you’re preparing food. So get organized and use that space the smart way.