Boost Your Home's Value With an Outdoor Living

By: Corrie Harding Keizs

Boost Your Home's Value With an Outdoor Living

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Not only have outdoor living spaces become an integral part of the modern home experience, but they have also found their way onto numerous lists of the most profitable home improvement projects. Whether you want to create a luxe oasis in your backyard or simply make your home more functional and enjoyable, designing an outdoor living space will certainly boost its value on the market. If you ever decide to sell your home, this home addition will provide you with an opportunity to recoup your initial investment. Until then, you can enjoy all the comforts that an outdoor living space brings.
Build a wooden deck
A wooden deck is a stylish home addition that offers a range of design possibilities. It’s also among the most popular home extension projects because it offers a high return on investment (ROI) of even up to 106 percent. Designing a deck will boost your home’s value significantly while also providing you with a beautiful area for outdoor relaxation and entertainment. Just imagine relaxing on your own deck with an inspiring view of your surroundings.

When it comes to the design and materials, wood is always a classic choice that will bring a feeling of warmth to your outdoor space. A glass railing system is an extremely popular option that will ensure your safety and privacy while still allowing you to enjoy your scenery. You can even go with a deck design that will enable you to use the space underneath as a storage room. This will add to the functionality of your space and help you design a double-duty deck that everyone will love. 

Add a patio
Adding a patio to your backyard is another profitable home extension that is quite popular among buyers. A beautiful, well-designed and stylish patio can help you increase your home value while also bringing a 102 percent ROI. Building a patio can even be more affordable than adding a wooden deck, costing you around 30 percent less. However, there are several important considerations to keep in mind when adding a patio because they may affect its value. For instance, you shouldn’t go with an oversized patio in a small backyard because it will take up most of your green surfaces. The location of a patio matters, too. Placing a patio next to your house and in the vicinity of your kitchen area is the most convenient location. Finally, you should also provide your patio with privacy so that you can enjoy your outdoor experience away from the prying eyes.

Design an outdoor kitchen
Outdoor kitchens are one of the most sought-after features on the modern design scene. Modern trends have truly elevated alfresco dining experience to a more luxurious level. Designing an outdoor kitchen in your home will provide you with a stunning area for entertainment, family gatherings and relaxed parties. Although this can be a pricey project, it will boost your home’s appeal, increase its value and provide you with numerous benefits. You can even reduce your initial expenses by taking it one step at a time, building your design gradually and investing only in items like appliances and materials. 

Furthermore, there are several simple tips that can help you enhance and retain the value of your outdoor kitchen. For instance, you should go with a design that will complement your general home style. Quality and durable materials are also a must that will ensure its long-lasting appeal. When it comes to kitchen appliances, you should go with versatile, functional and quality pieces. For instance, opting for an efficient Thor range is a more practical solution for an outdoor kitchen than going with a separate stove and oven. You don’t have to go with a fully equipped kitchen, but if you do, make sure to consider your cooking habits before spending a fortune. 

Create a cosy lounge area
There’s nothing like a beautiful, cosy lounge area in your backyard. Introducing one to your home will provide you with your own backyard retreat. In addition, with the right design elements, you can design an outdoor space that will bring more value to your home. For instance, a great number of buyers love outdoor spaces covered with a dreamy pergola, especially one embellished with vines, hanging plants, light, gauzy curtains and string lights.

Another popular addition that will make your lounge space even cosier and more appealing is an outdoor fireplace or a fire pit. A fire feature is among top three most popular outdoor elements. Even if you never decide to sell your home, such a chic addition will fill your outdoor space with a feeling of comfort and warmth, enriching your outdoor experience. Introducing different indoor comforts, such as cosy cushions, throws, area rugs, decorations and even artwork, will help you create a truly authentic outdoor space that will make everyone fall in love with your property.

Expanding your home by building an outdoor living space is one of the most profitable projects on the design scene. Not only are buyers willing to pay more for such additions, but you’ll be able to truly elevate your home experience.


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