5 Reasons Why Port Credit Should Be On Your Radar

By: Corrie Harding Keizs

5 Reasons Why Port Credit Should Be On Your Radar

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A vital and healthy environment certainly influences how we cope with our daily challenges and everyday routine, and a community that makes us feel comfortable, safe and happy is a major part of our lives. People strive to find an ideal neighborhood that covers their needs, and luckily, nowadays, there are many places that are specifically catered to those individual needs. Port Credit is one of those places, offering its residents an array of conveniences to easier go through the hurdles of everyday life, but on top of all that, Port Credit offers a blissful setting and numerous features so unique to the area that it becomes clear why many homebuyers and investors have this community particularly on their radar. Here are five reasons why you should also keep Port Credit on your list of top choices.

1.    Port Credit West Village Waterfront
Port Credit is evolving, and with this recent development project, it can even rival some of the fanciest Toronto neighborhoods. The Port Credit West Village is an ambitious master-planned project that is envisioned as a commercial and residential community in an eco-friendly fashion. With a sustainable, healthy and happy living in mind, the Port Credit West Village center will provide for places and activities that help people socialize and connect, as well as enjoy the nature and take care of the environment. Demonstration gardens, 100% native plants, rooftop gardens on residential buildings, pedestrian-friendly designs, water fountains, recreation facilities, access to the lake and the possibility for residents to grow their own food are just some features that will set a new standard of living in the Port Credit community. If you desire a life with less pollution, less noise and fewer cars in a completely new and modern environment, check out the possibilities in Port Credit’s latest land development project.

2.    The Beautiful Nature And Endless Green Spaces
One of the biggest assets Port Credit has is its endless neat green spaces and natural sights that provide a sense of tranquility. So many parks, trails, trees, beaches, and the irresistible lakefront are hard to find at once.

3.    The Conveniences
Port Credit is a modern community in a charming historical setting with countless conveniences and services. Its Main Street is one of the best known in the entire country with over 400 shops and other amenities. With its position on the north shore of Lake Ontario, Port Credit is an excellent location, close to Brampton, Oakville, Milton, and of course, Toronto- all the major centers in the GTA. The Niagara Falls are also under two hours by car and a little bit more if you take the bus or train. There is always something to do whether you are in the mood for dining, brunching, a night out or spending the day on the lake.

4.    The Community
Port Credit is widely known for citizen engagement, and its residents deeply care about the community, the heritage, the waterfront and the environment. Residents make sure they are involved in the decision-making processes when it comes to community life or land development projects as they want to make sure that nature and wildlife are protected at all times. Their activism contributes immensely to Port Credit’s great reputation and lifestyle. 

5.    The Heritage and Character
Bits of the neighborhood’s splendid past and heritage can be found throughout the community. Just take a look at the many designated conservation areas, protected landscapes, buildings and landmarks that bring immense value to Port Credit as a community and historically significant site.

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